Bronze Sculpture black patina depicting naked woman. Signature of the sculptor on the base. Editor-Founder Susse Freres - Paris

Made in FranciaCirca 1930 Amedeo Gennarelli other works - 13

Dimensions: L cm 65

Reference# 1256


Brown patina metal sculpture. Portoro marble base bearing the signature of the sculptor.

Made in FranciaCirca 1925 D. H. Chiparus other works - 12

Dimensions: H cm 36 - L cm 76 - P cm 17S

Reference# 1252


Very rare bronze sculpture with red-brown patina depicting an Egyptian priestess. Marble base bearing the signature of the sculptor G.Colin and the brand of editor-founder Paris. Work of the highest quality made with lost wax

Made in FranciaCirca 1915 Georges Colin - Vincennes 1876 / Paris 1917

Dimensions: H cm 60 -

Reference# 1248


Crackle glaze ceramic depicting Leda with the swan. Work with the signature of Gabriel Beauvais. Editions Kaza - Paris

Made in FranciaCirca 1930 other works - 30

Dimensions: H cm 48 - L cm 58 - P cm 27

Reference# 1245


Important green dark patina bronze sculpture depicting bust of gladiator. Signature of the sculptor in the bronze and stamp editor founder Susse freres Paris cire perdue. Green marbre base

Made in FranciaCirca 1930 Constant Roux other works - 3

Dimensions: H cm 42

Reference# 1240


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